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How to Host a Minecraft Server with No Open Ports

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By David Fleck August 10, 2020 IN   Blog , How To 0 comments

In this webinar, we will explain how remote.it can be used to host a Minecraft server. We will explain how remote.it is different from port forwarding, as well as some advantages to using remote.it over other software. This presentation includes a live demonstration, so you can learn how to set it up yourself. We will also provide you with some ideas for other game servers you can host while creating shared access with no open ports.


1:07 What is remote.it?
2:48 Advantages of remote.it
4:12 Disadvantages of port forwarding
5:03 How to host a server using remote.it (Demo)
14:54 Other games you can host with remote.it
15:59 Q&A

Additional Links and Resources

Download a Minecraft Server:

Download the remote.it desktop app (macOS or Windows):

Share your server with your friends:

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Written Instructions:

remote.it Help Desk :

remote.it Community Forum:

For more information or additional guidance, please contact support@remote.it

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