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Out-of-Band Management with a Raspberry Pi and mobile hotspot

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By David Fleck July 13, 2020 IN   Blog , How To 0 comments

In this webinar, we will introduce the concept of Out-of-band Management (OOBM) using remote.it. We will present a live demo using a mobile phone hotspot on an edge network to provide secure remote access. You will learn how to use remote.it with a cellular hotspot at the edge network to access remote devices when the primary network gateway is down.


0:40 Agenda
1:33 What is Out-of-band Management?
3:43 Two Scenarios for OOBM
5:27 Standard TCP/IP network OOBM
7:50 Private network OOBM
8:32 remote.itPi demo setup
11:49 DEMO
21:28 Q&A

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