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Case Study: Nowledge deploys sensor solutions with confidence using virtual private internet

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By David Fleck October 24, 2019 IN   Case Study 0 comments

Case Study: Nowledge

Nowledge is a maker of system sensor solutions for factories, HVAC systems and HVAC manufacturers based in Bensenville, IL. Their solutions connect sensors to a Nowledge device that pushes collected data to the Nowledge cloud where it is analyzed and projected to the Nowledge app. Customers can use the Nowledge app to see real-time status, trends, and eNotes related to their sensor data, with easy to read icons and visual displays for quick assessment and decision support.

As Nowledge deploys connected sensor networks for its customers, engineers need convenient and secure access to the solution to confi gure and tune the sensors and data feeds. Traditional solutions such as SSH would allow secure connections, but also introduced an exposed doorway in the form of a login portal that could be targeted by hackers. In order to avoid costly and time consuming on-site visits throughout the midwest, Nowledge needed a solution that would be always on, always available, yet invisible to hackers and malware.

With all the configuration and testing required when setting up new customers, being confident that remote.it will let us SSH into the devices at anytime gives us the confidence to put solutions out in the field all over the midwest without worrying we’ll have to go onsite to modify them.

Chad Heath, CTO, Nowledge

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