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Edge and Industrial IoT Devices
Secure Remote Access & Direct Cloud Connections

Managing devices in the field can be a challenge, especially as connectivity is provided by mobile networks with no directly accessible/configureable global IP address. Similarly, creating connectivity for those devices to your cloud resources, while maintaining security governance on both ends can be daunting. remote.it’s VPI solution solves both these challenges in a single solution. Whether you need to secure access to manage 1,000’s of devices in the field, or those devices need secure access to your cloud to report data — remote.it provides the answer.


Enable your Edge and IIoT devices to communicate securely over a private network while protecting them from hackers and malicious software attacks

Secure remote access to your edge and IIoT devices without exposure to hackers or malware

Enable remote access to your device while protecting it from hackers or malicious software

  • Devices enabled with remote.it VPI can still communicate even when all their ports are closed.
  • The device rejects communication attempts from anyone and anything outside the VPI.
  • As a member of the VPI, you can see and connect to the device using any protocol, including SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, Samba, VNC and RDP.
  • Functions like dynamic DNS for remote access without open ports or port forwarding.
Enable secure communication over any TCP/IP network, including wireless, LTE and 5G

Edge and IIoT devices in the field may have limited connectivity options. A VPI is connection-agnostic, enabling the device to use whatever communication method is available over the VPI.

  • VPI-enabled devices communicate over encrypted tunnels.
  • The tunnels work over any TCP/IP network, so devices in the field can leverage any available network: wired, wireless, LTE, 5G, even dial-up.
Ensure communications across firewalls without opening holes

Use VPI to communicate with your devices across a firewall, securely and without opening holes in the firewall.

  • VPI tunnels can communicate across firewalls using regular TCP/IP traffic.
  • Communications are privately routed over the VPI network, so the device’s network address isn’t visible to the outside world.
  • The device with VPI will remain accessible even if its IP address in the network changes.

With remote.it VPI you connect to Edge and IIoT devices through a private network with zero attack surface

Protect your edge and IIoT devices from unauthorized access.

Provide managed access to your devices.

Enable private, tunnelling communication to your devices.

Connect to your devices over any TCP/IP physical, wireless, or cellular network.

Access your devices across firewalls without opening holes in the firewall

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