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Fair Use Policy

Last UpdatedAugust 28, 2019

What is a Fair Use Policy?

We (remot3.it Inc.) want our customers to use remot3.it to connect to their Devices as much as they want, and our Fair Use Policy is meant to make sure our customers have the best experience possible. There may be some customers who have a lot of Devices that they connect to either occasionally or multiple times each day.  This excess usage may cause significant load on our servers which then adversely affects the quality of the remot3.it service for everyone. 

We want to make sure everyone gets the optimal experience from their chosen subscription plan.

To make sure everything is running smoothly, we continuously monitor the number of Devices and the number of times connections are occurring to those Devices during each month. 

This Fair Use Policy is about the number of Devices you have on remot3.it, the number of connections to those Devices, and whether you are using remot3.it for Personal or Commercial purposes. 

Why do we have a Fair Use Policy?

We are offering a very powerful set of features and services and it is our intent to keep these services cost effective at all times.  To do that, we need to ensure some Customers are not abusing the amount they use remot3.it because that can impact the quality of the remot3.it Service for all of our Customers.  

Our Fair Use Policy manages inappropriate use and makes sure the service can be used fairly by everyone. 

How does the Fair Use Policy work?

Under this policy, we have defined fair usage levels for Free and Paid (Devices and Seats) accounts.

The unfair usage levels are set above normal usage such that most customers will not be affected by the Fair Usage Policy. 

On exceeding the fair usage level, you may be required to reduce the number of Devices in your plan, and/or the number of connections you are making to those Devices. 

These reductions will be necessary in order to maintain your account in good status.  Your account will fall into a suspended or canceled status should you ignore our repeated requests to reduce overall usage. 

You may also be required to change your plan to a paid Commercial plan (Devices or Seats) to continue using remot3.it. 

To help manage your usage, we may send an email (if you registered your correct email address on your account) notifying you that you are exceeding the levels of usage described below. 

How do I know if the Fair Use Policy affects me?

Fair Usage Policy is applicable to all Plans and to all Customers at all times.

While this Fair Use Policy applies to all our customers, it will only actually affect you if you’re one of the very few customers who make inappropriate use of our service.

You are unlikely to be affected by this Fair Use Policy if: 

  • Your Free Plan does not exceed 10 Devices and/or 250 daily Connections and there are no Commercially deployed Devices
  • Your Device or Seats Plan has the correct number of Devices or Seats in relation to the number of actual Devices in your account that are Commercially deployed. On average, that means about 100 devices per Seat.
  • Your Device or Seats Plan does not have excessive daily connections to your Devices.

Each Customer may have:

  • one Free Account or
  • unlimited Commercial (Seats and Devices) Accounts

A Commercial License (Seats or Devices) is the standard licensing option for organizations and business entities (Company). Commercial Licenses are purchased by the Company and can be used by a single person (Individuals) within the Company. Individuals in the Company must have their own unique remot3.it Commercial account.

This includes but is not limited to LLC’s, Inc.’s, DBA’s, schools, non-profits, clubs, groups, teams, religious organizations, and other organized groups.

A Personal license is for private individuals who are granted a remot3.it license when using a Free Plan, and is solely for their own use. Personal licenses may not be purchased, refunded or in any way financed by Companies. Personal licenses are not for Commercial use.

What’s the impact of the Fair Use Policy on My Account?

Under our Fair Use policy, and in the unlikely event that you exceed a fair amount of usage in your account, remot3.it may suspend or terminate your account.  We will work with you and suggest remedies to ensure your account remains active and in good standing. 

We may also choose to limit the number of connections, devices, and/or services allowed in your account to conform to a level of fair usage. 

Our Rights

Where you are in breach of this Fair Use Policy, remot3.it may contact you to discuss changing your usage so that it conforms to this Fair Use Policy. 

We reserve the right to vary the terms of the Fair Use Policy from time to time without prior notice.

If your excessive or unreasonable use continues, remot3.it may, without further notice to you:

  • Suspend or limit the remot3.it Services (or any feature of it) for any period We think is reasonably necessary; and/or
  • Terminate your agreement to maintain and use a remot3.it Account.