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Hosting Gaming Servers

Play your favorite games online using remote.it Port Forwardless connections. Let your friends connect to your server securely, while staying invisible to malicious hackers.

Port Forwardless connections, no public IP address required

Keeping your server safe is job #1.  Opening a port is a bad idea, and setting up port forwarding is not only a complicated process, but also puts your computer and network at risk. By using remote.it Port Forwardless connections, you will eliminate the most commonly exploited attack surface. remote.it will hide your server from malicious hackers while letting you share it with your friends and family.

Port Forwardless connections do not require:

  • Changes to router settings
  • Open ports
  • A public IP address

Benefits of peer-to-peer connections

The remote.it desktop apps use peer-to-peer (P2P) connections meaning that your devices are directly connecting to one another, rather than connecting through a remote server like a VPN. No lag is introduced, ensuring your gaming experience maintains its peak performance.

Learn more about peer-to-peer connections

Additional features

Any of your friends can sign in, even if the host is not online.

Selectively share protected ports – exclusively share the port the game server is using without exposing anyone to malicious activity.

remote.it is free for personal use for you and your friends!

Check out this video to learn how to
host a Minecraft server on remote.it

Written Instructions can be found here.