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IPv4, IPv6, CGNAT, and mobile networks
Secure communication and interoperability

Enable customer networks, edge devices, IoT fleets and remote workers to communicate without integration or network hurdles. For telcos seeking revenue opportunities by enabling secure connectivity across TCP/IP and mobile networks for customer software applications, devices, and remote workers, remote.it’s VPI solution is a way to quickly deliver secure communication without the risk of open ports or the difficulty of software integrations.

Help your customers solve the privacy, security, and network interoperability challenges that stand between them and full implementation of your connectivity solutions.

IPv4-to-IPv6 interoperability and security

Scale networks where IPv4 addresses are scarce or common connectivity over varying network spaces is required.

  • Devices enabled with remote.it communicate via the VPI’s private routing.
  • The VPI acts as a Carrier-Grade NAT (CGNAT), seamlessly enabling IPv4 and IPv6 to communicate.
  • Devices can be configured to reject any communication from outside of the VPI, protecting them from intrusion attempts from hackers and malware.
Secure Virtual NAT/CGNAT

Scale networks where IPv4 addresses are scarce or common connectivity over varying network spaces is required.

  • VPI creates a private TCP/IP network.
  • Devices enabled with remote.it are addressed through the VPI’s private routing.
  • Devices are addressable and interoperable regardless of whether they have an IPv4, IPv6, private subnet, or cellular carrier address.
Secure broadband & 5G connectivity services

Switch to secure machine-to-machine communication for next-generation broadband and 5G networks.

  • Install remote.it VPI on the edge or mobile device.
  • Register the device on a specific VPI.
  • Devices on the VPI can see each other, but cannot be seen by devices outside of this private virtual network.
Invisible, IP-free VPN that works over mobile networks

Communications in the VPI are routed over a private network and visible only to other devices on the VPI, with outside communications being rejected. Without a public IP address or hardware gateway, VPI networks are effectively invisible and can run over broadband, LTE, 5G, WiFi, or any other TCP/IP network without an attack surface.

  • To set up a new VPI, log in to the remote.it website.
  • Create a new VPI.
  • Register devices to the VPI. Specify which devices may communicate to which others in the admin panel.

Why Carriers, Mobile Operators, & MVNOs use remote.it VPI

Fully compatible with mobile networks; including CGNAT

Zero attack surface: no open ports

Software only, no hardware to buy or manage

Secure communication over encrypted tunnels


Easy to configure

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