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Peer-to-Peer and Online Applications
Instant, private, overlay network

Provide online access to hosted applications via persistent and static URL for peer-to-peer communications. remote.it’s VPI solution ensures connectivity over any TCP/IP network while shielding applications from intrusion attempts from outside parties or software.


Enable secure access without exposing applications to intrusion attacks from hackers.

Create an online gaming server that only trusted players can access

A VPI lets players connect to your servers while keeping out hackers

  • Servers enabled with VPI don’t require open communication ports or port forwarding through routers and firewalls.
  • Authorized players can join the VPI to connect s to the server.
  • Unauthorized users cannot see the server or otherwise attempt to access it directly.
Create a private network for messaging and communication applications

Enable messaging and communication applications to form and join VPIs, rendering them invisible to hackers while maintaining contact with other apps in the VPI network.

  • The VPI API kit allows developers to integrate VPI functionality into their applications.
  • Programs such as messaging applications can find, connect and communicate with other applications on the VPI.
  • Hackers outside the VPI cannot target the applications.
Build private enterprise communication networks

Deploy enterprise messaging applications over VPIs to ensure private communication that cannot be targeted or hacked, even by hackers with access to the company network.

  • Create a VPI for communication within the company or with company partners.
  • Register specific devices and applications to the VPI.
  • Only devices and applications registered to the VPI can participate in communication; all others will be locked out, even if they are on the same networks.

With remote.it VPI you can provide Peer-to-Peer and Online Applications trough a private network with zero attack surface

Create a private, on-demand, peer-to-peer (P2P) network

Protect communication between P2P applications

Manage access to messaging apps and servers

Create private gaming servers

Create private shared resources

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