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Case Study: ColourFi Remotely Tests Product Features to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Dec 03, 2019

Manually managing IP addresses for devices, VPNs, and firewall access to work with equipment that’s installed at customer sites can be a frustrating endeavor. ColourFi used’s virtual private internet solution to eliminate the need to track device IP allocations, and can now securely connect to devices no matter their IP.

From the ColourFi Case Study:

By utilizing’s VPI solution, ColourFi no longer has to rely on global IP addresses, VPNs, and challenging configuration changes to customer firewalls to successfully deploy and test its solutions. With providing secure network access to ColourFi, technicians can now see the screen at the customers’ locations, remotely transfer files and updates, and use Secure Shell (SSH) to log in and work with equipment without the need to dispatch a technician to the site.

Read the Case Study

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