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Case Study: Trimble Achieves Secure Wireless Connectivity in the Field

Oct 02, 2019

Case Study: Trimble

Best known for creating advanced positioning solutions, Trimble was looking for a way to provide remote technical support and maintenance for their new machine control system called Trimble Earthworks. Since 2017, Trimble has been offering remote support for Earthworks devices through their Trimble Connected Site solutions known as Trimble Connected Community and Trimble WorksManager. These web applications offer remote support over their Virtual Private Internet (VPI) solution using to reduce the need for Trimble dealers to perform time-consuming on-site support visits. Dealers can now log in remotely and securely to configure or troubleshoot the Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform. As the VPI solution keeps the Trimble network in a “drop stance” mode, it eliminates open IP addresses or ports for hackers to detect or attack when scanning for connected devices.

Top 3 Reasons Trimble Chose

  • Adding’s Virtual Private Internet connectivity to Trimble Earthworks was fast and easy
  • The secure port-forwarding nature of the VPI solution added secure remote access for all devices
  • Bulk licensing of VPI for thousands of devices ensured immediate scalability

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