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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Uses a Monitoring System

Jun 10, 2020

A technical white paper

“Security Technology for Remote Monitoring Service Systems Using Edge Computers” published by ”Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Technical Review” [Volume 52, Number 1 (2020)] “Special Issue on New Products and Technologies”

As the use for remote monitoring systems increases, in particular as it relates to edge computing devices, there is an increased focus on finding a secure way to share information with remote maintenance personnel, while eliminating reliance on the use of global IP addresses and open ports. provides an easy to deploy, on-demand connection solution that enables the use of localhost addresses as personal IP addresses to tunnel to remote devices, without needing public global IP addresses nor open ports. works directly with the TCP/IP stack, so any software can work directly without modification, when transitioning from traditional port forwarded implementations.

In this white paper, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) explains how they use . 

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