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Why Nokia Global Services Chose

Apr 22, 2021

Recognized as a global leader in Networking and Mobile communication solutions, Nokia Global Services was looking for a remote management solution to help them meet the expanding demands of mobile basestation deployments. In particular, as the deployments expanded both in volume and geography, they were looking for a solution that would eliminate the need to field-deploy the limited number of technical specialists to provision the units for each carriers unique needs.

Customer Challenge

In 2019, Nokia Global Services realized that they needed a secure remote access and management solution to mobile base-stations that they were deployment into the field. As each carrier had unique configuration requirements, only a limited number of technical specialists resources were available to provision and ensure successful deployments. Given the deployments could be anywhere in the world, they needed a solution
that would work across any mobile network, without requiring any custom configuration, as is typically required with mobile carriers’ VPN (virtual private network) solutions. Further, the solution had to be secure, while still being easy to deploy, as in some cases contract service providers were used to handle the physical deployment of the base-stations.

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