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Use free for remote work

Apr 15, 2020

New accounts seeking remote work solutions will get access to business account features for free

Companies and individuals are finding that remote work has become a must-have to keep running due to stay-at-home and social distancing precautions. provides a range of solutions for enabling private network connections to remote devices, corporate networks or enterprise networks and fleets of edge devices. 

Free for a limited time is providing all new accounts free access to’s business level features for free until Sept 1, 2020. 

With you’ll get:

  • Remote access to any computer
  • Remote access to any files
  • No advanced IT skills
  • No open network ports
  • Share remote access among teams
  • Windows, MacOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi support
  • Direct connections with no proxy
  • API access for developers

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Select the solution that fits your remote work needs

Option 1: Connect to Any Desktop Computer or Device on Your Office Network

Create a virtual private internet tunnel to a PC or networked device such as a Windows, Mac, or Linux system without open ports that can be attacked by hackers.

  • Set up a account.
  • Install the network daemon on the remote machine.
  • Register the machine on a virtual private internet and connect.
  • Time required: 5 minutes.

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Option 2: Turn a Raspberry Pi Into a Remote Access Gateway to Your Office Network With remote.itPi

remote.itPi provides an instant, single installation, drop-in Remote Access Appliance for your business that’s easy to manage and secure so that team members can easily connect to office computers, Network Attached Storage systems, and other shared resources.

  • Time required: 15 minutes

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Option 3: Create a Virtual Private Internet for Your Enterprise or Small Business

Enable your workers and applications to communicate securely and without vulnerable open communication ports or VPN gateways.

  • Set up a account.
  • Install the network daemon on the remote machine.
  • Register the machines on a virtual private internet and connect; bulk registration of machines and devices available.

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