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Hero C

Embedded for OEMs and ODMs adds value to your product and makes it easy to deliver top-tier device support.

Get started for FREE, and upgrade as you grow.


Easy to Use

Add to any embedded Linux based device and deploy at once.


Secure by Design

Access customer devices to deliver firmware updates and technical support — without port forwarding.


Remote Access

Give your products the option of built-in remote access, so your users can connect from anywhere.


Provision Devices

Provision devices before shipment to simplify deployment and maximize customer convenience.

Satisfied Customers enables your team to deliver support and firmware updates remotely, so you can maximize product uptime.


Innovative Features gives OEMs the option of adding industry-leading features like remote access. End-users can access their home or office LAN from anywhere.


Choose for better product support and improved product experience.

Jennifer uses to provide support for OEM Products.

Router manufacturers can use to improve customer support. Support technicians like Jennifer can connect to the router from their service center, diagnose issues, and fix problems.


Simon uses to provide continuous agricultural monitoring.

Simon is the CTO of a proprietary device manufacturer that monitors the soil composition in vineyards. With, he can access their sensors and cameras and retrieve data files remotely.


Malik’s company uses to push firmware updates globally.

Malik is a product manager for consumer IoT devices. With, he can schedule firmware updates to 400,000 devices to ensure features, compatibility and bug fixes are deployed.


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