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Secure Gaming

Host your games with and keep ports closed for maximum gaming security.

Get started for FREE, and upgrade as you grow.


Easy Sharing

Grant access to your gaming server by player without managing IP addresses.


Invite Only

Send email invitations so only authorized players can access your game.


Secure by Design

Ports stay closed — so you won’t have to worry about hackers or unwanted visitors to your server.


No Admin Access

Host even when admin access to your router isn’t possible — no port forwarding needed.

Maximum Protection

Use when hosting your own game server for invite-only access. No need for port forwarding or public IP addresses.


P2P Connections’s P2P connections improve the gaming experience.


Share your games with anyone you want, whenever you want. Ports stay closed — so you can keep hackers out.

Nate set up his own Minecraft server with for safe gaming.

With, Nate can host Minecraft servers on his PC whenever he wants without worrying about security. He no longer needs to rely on monthly hosted server subscriptions.


Sarah uses to keep the home network secure when her son is hosting games.

Sarah chose to keep her son safe. He can host games and share them with his friends without port forwarding.


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