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remote.it Webinars

Stay connected. Stay informed. Learn how to use remote.it in this ongoing series of informational webinars.

remote.it Webinars

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Advanced Scripting
Learn how to use advanced scripting for your endpoints

In this webinar, we explain how to debug scripts in place.  You will also get additional information on how to pass files and strings to your scripts along with enabling interactive drop-down menus to let you choose script options on the fly. To get the most out of the webinar, you should understand how to write basic scripts and have experience using remote.it’s bulk scripting feature.

Presented by Gary Worsham (07.30.2020)

Hosting a Minecraft Server with No Open Ports
Keep your Minecraft server secure with port forwardless connections

In this webinar, we explain how remote.it can be used to host a Minecraft server. We explain how remote.it is different from port forwarding, as well as some advantages to using remote.it over other software. This presentation includes live demonstration, so you can learn how to set it up yourself. We also provide you with some ideas for other game servers you can host while creating shared access with no open ports.

Presented by Owen Ruderman (7.28.2020)

Getting Started with remote.itPi
Setup a Raspberry Pi as a remote access appliance to manage devices on any remote network

In this webinar you will learn how the remote.itPi downloadable SD card image can be used to provide instant remote access to any network. We explain how remote.it is different from port forwarding, so you can connect even when port forwarding is inconvenient or impossible like over cellular networks. Finally, we present a demo to show you how to set up your own remote.itPi.

Presented by Jim Fox (07.23.2020)

Secure Connectivity Across Firewalls
Firewalls can present challenges that remote.it can manage

We understand that users have different preferences for the firewall configuration of their devices. In this webinar you will learn how to solve issues you may be having connecting to your devices using remote.it. This information will be especially helpful for system integrators, IT departments, and anyone wanting to manage a very secure network.

Presented by Gary Worsham (07.21.2020)

Proxy vs Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Connections
Learn how remote.it helps you manage Proxy and P2P Connections

In this webinar, we explain how each connection type works, and in what applications you may prefer to use one or the other.  You will learn how to use remote.it on Windows or macOS and on mobile (iOS/Android) apps to make P2P connections while we present the advantages of P2P versus traditional proxy connections from the remote.it web portal. All while making port forwardless connections.

Presented by Jim Fox (07.16.2020)

remote.it For Your Desktop
Get the most out of remote.it apps for Windows and macOS with no open ports

In this webinar, we present a walkthrough of the latest remote.it applications for macOS and Windows. We cover creating connections, sharing connections on your LAN, setting up remote access to your device and forwarding services from your local network.

Presented by Jamie Ruderman (07.14.2020)

Out-of-Band Management
Learn how Out-of-band Management (OOBM) gives you a powerful tool to access edge networks

In this webinar, we introduce the concept of Out of Band Management (OOBM) using remote.it. We present a live demo using a mobile phone hotspot on an edge network to provide secure remote access. You will learn how to use remote.it with a cellular hotspot at the edge network to access remote devices when the primary network gateway is down.

Presented by Jim Fox (07.09.2020)

Using the GraphQL API
Learn how GraphQL Enables Powerful Query Capabilities and Reporting 

In this webinar, we introduce remote.it’s GraphQL API, a query language for your secure private device cloud. We present the tools necessary to design powerful queries against your devices, services, and sessions. You will also learn how it can be used to integrate remote.it into your own applications.

Presented by Benoit Menendez (06.30.2020)

remote.it を使って、VPNなしでも自宅から会社のPCに安全にアクセスする方法を学びましょう

remote.it(リモートイット)は、 ソフトウェアベースで動作し、あらゆるPCやデバイス間でリモート接続を可能とするサービスです。接続にグローバルIPアドレスやポート開放を必要としないため、例えば自宅から会社のPCにリモート接続する場合でも企業のネットワークをセキュリティリスクに晒すことがありません。このウェビナーでは、remote.it のエンジニアが remote.itをインストールして自宅から会社のPCにリモート接続するまでを実演いたします。

発表者:高濱大嗣 (06.16.2020)

Using Bulk Registration
Learn how to configure remote.it Services on mass produced devices

remote.it’s Bulk Registration feature allows you to define a set of services which will automatically configure themselves when your device is first connected to the internet.  By installing the remote.it connectd package and configuring your device’s master OS image, you can eliminate the need to run the remote.it installer on each device. This feature will allow you to easily configure batches of your manufactured product with the same set of services. 

Presented by Gary Worsham (01.30.2020)

Making Connections using the remote.it API
Use the remote.it API in your applications

Learn how the remote.it API allows you to make endpoint connections from your own applications. This remote.it API can be used when you are:

  • writing your own application that makes remote.it connections
  • integrating remote.it connections into an exisitng application

Presented by Gary Worsham (12.19.2019)

Using Scripts in remote.it
Learn how to Use Scripts to Manage Your Devices 

Writing your own scripts and using remote.it to automate processes on your remote devices is a very powerful feature. In this webinar, we explore the basic scripting features within remote.it, and will show you how to upload and execute scripts on your remote devices.

Presented by Gary Worsham (03.28.2019)