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Hero C

Secure Access & Support

Troubleshoot remote device issues and provide customer support from anywhere.

Get started for FREE, and upgrade as you grow.


Easy to Connect

Connect to customer devices and apps remotely in just a few simple steps.


Seamless Support

Troubleshoot customer devices without exposing them to hackers. No open ports required.


Network Agnostic

Connect to devices over any TCP/IP, physical, wireless, or cellular network.



Reduce truck rolls by providing tech support from anywhere without costly onsite personnel.

Easy Access

Increase customer satisfaction with Offer remote support to customers no matter where they’re located.


No Open Ports

Keep your customers safe. connects to devices without opening ports, ensuring that access is always secure.


Providing technical support is easy and cost effective. Install for macOS or Windows for free.

Mara uses to provide technical support using RDP.

With, support techs like Mara can provide technical support using RDP and SSH, ensuring that customers’ questions are answered without the risk of security breaches.


Robert uses to create a superb customer support experience.

With, technicians like Robert can provide remote customer support when field technicians are unavailable. Robert can help customers no matter where they are located. 


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