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Trusted by makes it easy to manage access to services and devices in the cloud and in the field.


Connect Anyone, Anywhere

Grant anyone access to devices, services, and networks with a simple, one-time invitation.


Secure by Design

Go beyond VPN. No open ports means no attack surface for hackers.


Quick & Easy Setup

Install and connect your devices in just three steps.

Trade up your VPN for is a secure, easy-to-use solution that makes traditional VPNs obsolete.

Don’t expose your network.

Traditional VPNs leave your entire network segment exposed. closes your internet-facing ports, making your network invisible to hackers.

Don’t manage your access.

Limit user access to what they really need. Grant user access to specific services inside your network at the port level.

Don’t settle for audit logs.

With, you can see which users are connected to which resources — no more being confused by complicated logs.

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"I love you guys. Super efficient, simple, and easy to use. You guys are a life-changer. I can finally do some work from home"

Alexander 000

Microsoft RDP


“ allows our developers to access services within our VPCs. Even better — they don’t need an AWS account, they can use their Google login."

Verified Customer

AWS Marketplace


"We no longer have to worry about what network our customers are using — which is amazing. does all the work, so we can focus on our customers. "

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Geoffrey Kirk



“Only solution that worked. Thank you guys!”

Jamie Tch

Microsoft RDP


“The jump connection through Raspberry Pi is the greatest feature — it adds another layer of security and simplifies my connection processes.”

Stephane Jaglin

Raspberry Pi


“I’ve been using to login from anywhere with ssh. So far it’s worked amazingly well.”

Cedar Warman



“I am a huge fan of your product. It has helped me work remotely via my MacBook without having to purchase a VPN service. Thank you!"


VPN Alternative

How to get started



Download the package and create an account.


Configure your devices

Scan your local network to find and add your devices to


Connect to

Create your secure network of people, devices, and apps.


Know you’re secure

Use anytime — no IP lists, no open ports.

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