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Our Mission

We set out to make networking secure and effortless for businesses and enterprises everywhere.

Introducing private networks the way they should be — no open ports, no IP access lists, no hassle

At, we believe that the next evolution of VPNs is global private instances — invite-only private networks that are safe from conventional attacks like port scans. We are the leading cloud provider of Virtual Private Internet (VPI) services, founded by the networking experts who invented hardware TCP/IP. Our unique solution makes your network invisible to conventional attacks without sacrificing compatibility with existing applications. We have raised $15.9M in venture funding. We have offices in Palo Alto, Tokyo, and Petaluma, and we offer fully remote work options for our team-members.


Our Investors

We’re looking for new members!

We believe in the freedom and flexibility of remote work. If you are passionate about networking, security, and creating products, we’d love to hear from you.

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