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Pricing makes it easy to connect to AWS or IoT devices. Choose the plan that's right for you.

IoT Device Management

Connect to one or thousands of devices with


For home/personal use


Get it for free

Get started

Up to 5 devices


  • Prototyping/POC
  • 7 days of device logs
  • Web support
  • Scripts
  • API
  • Mobile Apps
  • Non commercial


For home or small business


per month per device

Get started

Up to 25 devices

All Personal features plus:

  • 14 days of device logs
  • Email support


For thousands of devices


per month per 1,500 devices

Get started

25 to 10,000 devices

  • 25 - 1,500 devices at $50/month
  • 1,501 - 3,000 at $100/month
  • 3,001 - 4,500 at $150/month
  • 4,501 - 6,000 at $200/month
  • 6,001 - 7,500 at $250/month
  • 7,501 - 9,000 at $300/month
  • 9,000 - 10,000 at $350/month

All Pro features plus:

  • 30 days of device logs


For large volume and OEM

Looking for large-scale solutions or custom use cases?

Contact Us
  • More than 10,000 devices

All Business features plus:

  • 1 year of device logs
  • Custom device list sharing
  • Slack support
  • Analytics & reporting

All pricing is represented and billed in US$ on most popular credit cards

Having trouble deciding?

AWS Cloud Access Management

Manage AWS Services, VPC access and team member sharing. Learn more about our AWS Services.

Up to 5 services


per month

$50 per year

Up to 25 services


per month

$200 per year

Up to 100 services


per month

$500 per year

Up to 250 services


per month

$1000 per year

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Personal plan really free?

Yes, we believe that anyone that wants to use should be able to do so if it’s for personal use.  Business users can create their own Personal account and use it for prototyping and proof of concept testing.  Enabling some advanced features may require an upgrade to a Pro or Business account.

If I have a Pro Account am I limited to how many Devices I can have?

You may add as many Devices as you wish to a Pro account.  Each Device over 5 will incur a cost of US$2 per Device each month.

Can I cancel my account anytime?

You may cancel, downgrade, or upgrade your plan at any time.  We prorate your Plan and issue a credit based on when you cancel or downgrade within your monthly subscription billing cycle.  

I have a special use case, how do I get volume pricing for Enterprise or OEM?

Contact us to discuss your requirements.  Enterprise pricing starts at 10,000 or more devices.  OEM/ODM pricing is customized based on an annual volume commitment.

Can I add into devices I resell?

Adding to your devices is easy, and we know how to work with you on embedding in your devices that are resold to your customers. Contact us at for customized pricing.

Do I need to buy a plan for my devices in the field?

Any Devices that are deployed for commercial or Business use require a paid plan.  Choose a Pro plan or Business plan depending on your volume of devices.