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Hero C

Secure Remote Work

Grant secure, invite-only access to work resources by email, not IP address.

Get started for FREE, and upgrade as you grow.


Secure by Design

No open ports means no attack surface for hackers — so you’re secure even without a VPN


Easy Setup

Get started with in as little as five minutes.


Share Network Resources

Give your team access to the network resources they need to be productive.


Scalable is a cost-effective solution designed to scale with your business.

Remote Desktop Access

With, your team can access their workplace desktop from anywhere.


Fully Secure has no open ports — giving you secure remote access. Get the benefits of a VPN without additional equipment purchases or expensive licenses.


The future of networking for remote work is here. Try for free.

Kiara uses to keep her team connected and productive.

With, you can manage your team’s access without relying on IP address access lists. Kiara can grant exclusive, single-invite access to the members of her team that need it.


Elaine uses to access her Windows office PC while working from home.

With, Elaine can access her Windows desktop using RDP— without the open ports problem associated with RDP. She now has secure access to workplace applications and financial systems no matter where she is located.


Faiza uses to help her parents.

When her parents have technical problems with their laptop, giving instructions over the phone can be impossible. With, Faiza can use her PC and mobile phone to access their desktop and troubleshoot.


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