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Raspberry Pi – port forwardless secure remote access with no attack surface

remote.it virtual private internet (VPI) is a secure communication and networking solution that provides the benefits of a VPN without the need for VPN appliances or complicated security management. Simply install the small software on your Raspberry Pi, register it on your own VPI, and close off any ports that could be attacked by hackers, including 22 (SSH), 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS).


Enable secure remote access to your Raspberry Pi over a private network while protecting it from hackers and malicious software attacks.

Protect your RPi from unauthorized acces

Managed access to your RPi

Enable private, tunnelling communication to your RPi

Connect to your RPi over any TCP/IP physical, wireless, or cellular network

Online/offline notifications gives you a heads up to potential problems when remote devices are offline

Access your RPi across firewalls without opening holes in the firewall

Bulk manage all your devices

Bulk manage all your devices

Use remote.it to easily connect and manage your pi’s using bulk scripting and registration. Large scale pi deployments benefit by giving you broad access to the large groups of pi’s that you select.

Add secure remote connectivity to your own applications

Secure remote access to your Raspberry Pi without exposure to hackers or malware

Port forwardless remote access to your RPi while protecting it from unwanted hackers or malicious software.

  • Raspberry pi’s enabled with remote.it VPI can still communicate even when all their ports are closed.
  • The RPi rejects communication attempts from anyone and anything outside of the VPI.
  • As a member of the VPI, you can see and connect to the RPi and use any protocol, including SSH, HTTP, and HTTPS.
Enable secure communication over any TCP/IP network, including wireless, LTE and 5G

Pis in the field may have limited connectivity options. A VPI is connection-agnostic, enabling the RPi to use whatever connection type is available to communication over the VPI.

  • VPI-enabled devices communicate over encrypted tunnels.
  • The tunnels work over any TCP/IP network, so devices in the field can leverage any available network, from wired to dial-up, wireless, LTE or 5G.
Ensure communications across firewalls without opening holes in the firewall

Use VPI to communicate with your RPi across a firewall, securely and without opening holes in the firewall.

  • VPI tunnels can communicate across firewalls using regular TCP/IP traffic.
  • Communications are privately routed over the VPI network, so the Pi’s network address doesn’t have to be visible to the outside world.
  • The RPi with VPI will remain accessible even if its IP address in the network changes.

Tools to help you create great apps using remote.it

Developer tools for remote.it
  • remote.it offers a wide selection of tools to make developing applications easier, including APIs, SSH, CLI and GraphQL.
  • Use the APIs to get remote.it features in your own applications.
  • Manage your remote.it virtual private internet from the command line.

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