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How to use a Raspberry Pi to remotely access your office network

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By David Fleck July 8, 2020 IN   Blog , How To 0 comments

In this video, you will learn how use the remote.itPi SD card image to turn a Raspberry Pi into an instant remote work appliance.


0:17 Prerequisites
0:50 Installing the remote.itPi image
3:00 Optional – Wifi accessibility
4:37 Power on your Raspberry Pi
5:07 Find your Raspberry Pi on the LAN (find.remote.it)
5:44 Register your Raspberry Pi
7:35 Set-up remote access to your work devices
9:47 Connect remotely from the remote.it Web Portal (proxy connection)
12:57 Connect remotely from the remote.it desktop (peer-2-peer connection)


  • This video was made with a Mac, but the remote.itPi image can be setup using a Mac or Windows computer.
  • (7:35) Devices which are “Added from network” should use static IP or DHCP reservation so that the LAN IP address doesn’t change in the event of a power cycle. For more details, visit: https://docs.remote.it/network-services
  • (9:56) Proxy connections will time out, but Peer-2-Peer connections will not. For more information about Peer-2-Peer and proxy connections, visit: https://docs.remote.it/peer-to-peer-p2p-vs.-proxy-connections
  • (11:06) On a mac, you can also copy the vnc://proxyaddress and paste it directly into your internet browser to open the ScreenSharing application.

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