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Remote access for

global network resources without leaving the office

Get started for FREE, and upgrade as you grow.

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Trusted by makes it easy to manage access to services and devices in the cloud and in the field.

Connect Anyone, Anywhere

Grant anyone access to devices, services, and networks with a simple, one-time invitation.

Secure by Design

Go beyond VPN. No open ports means no attack surface for hackers.

Quick & Easy Setup

Install and connect your devices in just three steps.

Networking, the way it should be

Connect is compatible with SSH and RDP, HTTPS, and more, making connectivity a breeze.


Automate processes for your remote devices with scripting and comprehensive logs.


Keep track of permitted devices and email addresses with convenient device lists.


Trust your networking solution without worrying about IP access lists or open ports.


Our platforms

Mara uses to provide technical support using RDP.

With, support techs like Mara can provide technical support using RDP and SSH, ensuring that customers’ questions are answered without the risk of security breaches.


Anne uses to simplify secure access to AWS instances.

VPNs can be difficult to configure and expensive to scale. With, Anne can access her AWS server without a VPN.


Nate set up his own Minecraft server with for safe gaming

With, Nate can host Minecraft servers on his PC whenever he wants without worrying about security. He no longer needs to rely on monthly server subscriptions.


How to get started


Download the package and create an account.

Configure your devices

Scan your local network to find and add your devices to

Connect to

Create your secure network of people, devices, and apps.

Know you’re secure

Use anytime — no IP lists, no open ports.

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