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Application Downloads and APIs

Use remote.it to enable remote work solutions and manage your endpoints.

remote.it offers software solutions for secure remote access to computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux.


remote.it for Raspberry Pi

Remote access for your Raspberry Pi that also protects it from intruders.


Download and install remote.itPi on a new SD memory card. Includes remoteit package and Raspbian Buster. See the installation guide.

MD5: 865a5fcbfaacc898eed59507369be6a9

remote.it Package

Add remote.it to your existing Raspberry Pi or update your Pi if using remote.it connectd. See the installation guide.

remote.it for Mac, Windows

Enable secure remote connections to a PC through Windows Remote Desktop, Mac Screen Sharing, Virtual Network Console, and other tools without opening communication ports that can be exploited by intruders. Use these native applications to speed up configuring endpoints, and peer to peer connections.


For macOS Sierra or later. See the installation guide.

MD5: 213f9d39a0b895619bf01a9bb30d2c94


For Windows 10. See the installation guide.

MD5: 5057889c2b933843467c2248493a776a

remote.it for Linux

Supports configuration using the console and is suitable for embedded Linux without a GUI. Supports Debian, Red Hat, CentOS, OpenWRT running on Arm, MIPS, x86/AMD CPUs and more.

remote.it for Linux

For all distributions. See the installation guide.

remote.it for Mobile

Communicate to other devices without open ports, even when no global IP addresses are available.


For iOS 10 or later.


For Android KitKat or later.

remote.it CLI for Mac, Windows, Linux

Manage your remote.it virtual private internet from the command line with this tool.

remote.it CLI

This project is currently in “beta”

remote.it APIs

remote.it is powered by a robust set of APIs. Use the APIs to get remote.it features in your own applications.